NASAO Convention Guest Programs

Meet at the fountain on Monday, September 12 at NOMA Square at 8:10 am

Monday, September 12 – Greenville Foodie Tour 8:30 am

The foodie tour will visit three iconic Greenville venues where you will enjoy three wonderful breakfast entrees and two mimosas.  Various stories and historical information about Greenville will be featured as well.  It’s a great way to get an overview of the beautiful city and eat at three local favorite restaurant venues. This tour is limited to 20 people.

Tuesday, September 13 – Make Made Jewelry 1:00 pm

Walk across the street to a local jewelry shop and make your own jewelry. Come fabricate your very own hammered hoop earrings from scratch!

In this fun-filled class, students will learn to texture, form, solder, and finish a pair of hoops in solid sterling silver, and will be introduced to some of the most basic silversmithing techniques. Choose to make whatever size hoops you prefer!

Absolutely no prior experience is necessary!

Hoops will be made from 14G sterling silver wire.